Based in Perth, Western Australia.  Wisdom calling believes that no matter what cultural, educational, religious, life circumstances have formed your beliefs, relationships can be developed & nourished.  We are available to assist in the process of growing & nurturing relationships through all of life’s ups & downs.

Mission Statement        

To build strong, committed relationships in personal, family, community & business connections!


Our heart is to support and encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life as they ride the roller coaster of relationships and life’s trials.  We offer a community supported  free service encouraging, advising and supporting individuals, couples and families, as they navigate life’s ups and downs.  Don’t know who to turn to?  Struggling with emotional stress, marriage, parenting, friendship, identity, addiction, leadership or just want to grow in these aspects of life?  Allow us to help you.  We also offer at a cost, coaching & mentoring for all forms of business relationships.