We Need Support!

What will we be doing?  Supporting and encouraging people of all ages, from all walks of life as they ride life’s roller coaster of relationships and life’s trials.  We want to offer a free service encouraging, advising and supporting individuals, couples & families as they navigate life’s ups and downs.  We also want to run practical marriage focus groups

We will need finances to support this venture.  I battled for a long time with how to raise the finances we will need to do this well & I have been challenged recently to look for sponsorship to support this venture. 

What are we asking for?  We are seeking expressions of interest from anyone, who may like to financially support us in building this avenue for support .  We are looking for on-going monthly sponsorship, all sponsorship will be included as part of our accessible income.  To ensure integrity is maintained regarding all finances, we have formed an accountability group, who will oversee all financial activity.

If you feel that “Wisdom Calling” is something you may want to support, please email via the Contact Page so we can discuss it further with you..